Fenders, 2016, windscreens, fenders, sheepskins, cm 200 x 150 x 25
COMING SOON _ 11.09.2020 > 11.10.2020


A group show in Convento di San Francesco, Bagnacavallo RA, Italy.

Artists: Yuri Ancarani, Sergia Avveduti, Bertozzi & Casoni, Silvia Camporesi, David Casini, Stefania Galegati, Chiara Lecca, Enrico Minguzzi, Alessandro Pessoli, Alessandro Roma con Paola Ponti, Andrea Salvatori, Marco Samorè, Nicola Samorì, Italo Zuffi.

Organized by MAGMA

Curated by Viola Emaldi

20200701_190816 copia
CURRENT _ summer 2020


it’s a Collective born in June 2020 formed by Chiara Lecca and her family of creatives and shepherds.

It’s inspired by the region where it’s born, the Romagna hinterland, and feeded by the wildest part of Sardinia,where its roots are, and by the purpose to preserve and connect to the future our Natural primitive imprint .

The focus is on the skin: recycled leather looking for a second chance and the imaginary skins we choose as second epidermis anytime we dress up.

Imagined in 2020, the starting point is a PRIMITIVE T-SHIRT’S POP 

Follow on: @clarulecis

PAST _ 17.11.2019 > 15.12. 2019

Back to Santa Sofia. 60° PREMIO CAMPIGNA

The Premio Campigna 2019, on the occasion of its 60th edition, presents a selection by invitation of 9 artists who have taken part in the editions of recent years and have distinguished themselves for their artistic practice.

Galleria Comunale Vero Stoppioni

Santa Sofia FC


PAST _ 26.10.2019 > 19.01. 2020

Selvatico 14


dei margini, delle superfici e dei frammenti

Group Show curated by Massimiliano Fabbri

Museo civico Luigi Varoli

Cotignola RA


PAST _ 18.07.2019 > 18.08. 2019

Visionari e Apocalittici di Ordinaria Follia

Group Show curated by Claudio Spadoni

Magazzini del Sale Torre Cervia RA


Silver Sharp Pulp, Glazed Sharp Pulp detail
PAST _ 04.04.2019 > 07.04.2019


Fiera internazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea

With Galleria Fumagalli, Milan

Fieramilanocity, Milan, Italy

CURRENT _ 04.2019


The MACRO ASILO in Rome present a new publication curated by Veronica Montanino and Anna Maria Panzera, edited by Bordeaux Editori.

Chiara Lecca is present with a text about her work.

PAST _ 31.01.2019 >03.02.2019

Artgenève_ Contemporary Artfair

with Galleria Fumagalli, Milan

Palaexpo, Geneve, Switzerland


20190120_144155 copia
PAST _ 19.01.2019



Macro Auditorium, h. 17.00

Chiara Lecca speaks of art, nature, society through her work

MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea

MACRO is located in Rome, in the Salario-Nomentano district, in via Nizza 138.

Free admission


PAST _ 13.01.2019 > 20.01.2019


A party opened to all comers on 30 September started the experimental project known as Macro Asilo, due to feature at the Macro in Via Nizza, Rome, for 15 months, until 31 December 2019. The new scheme devised by project curator Giorgio de Finisis going to turn the entire museum into a fully-fledged living organism at once “hospitable” and relational, urging people, skills and disciplines to meet and cooperate in a rationale of constant openness and participation on the part of the city and of the public. To ensure that that happens, admission will be free for everyone.

The new rooms will include one devoted to Romes (the city’s name in the plural), the word room (devoted to the vocabulary of contemporary art), the reading room, the media and radio room and the ATELIER: four twin spaces designed for artists producing a work inside the museum.

Chiara Lecca will be at ATELIER #3 from 13th to 20th of January

MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea

MACRO is located in Rome, in the Salario-Nomentano district, in via Nizza 138.

Free admission


PAST _ 20.09.2018 > 23.09.2018

Wopart Fair

Drawing, works on paper and photography fair in Lugano

with Galleria Fumagalli, Milan

Centro Esposizioni, Lugano, Switzerland

Chiara Lecca exhibits a new photographic project entitled “Moon Milk” inspired by cosmology and the natural cycle of the elements.

PAST _ 02.06.2018 > 15.07.2018



Pagazzano, Bergamo, Italy

curated by Angela Madesani

opening 02.06.2018

Spatium è la seconda di un ciclo di mostre a cadenza annuale dal titolo Le stanze del contemporaneo. Antico e contemporaneo dialogano e si confrontano in contesti d’eccezione situati nella provincia bergamasca, distanti pochi chilometri l’uno dall’altro: da Palazzo Botti a Torre Pallavicina residenza di villeggiatura estiva degli Sforza, a Palazzo Visconti a Brignano, leggendaria residenza dell’Innominato raccontato dal Manzoni e, per rimanere in tema letterario il Castello di Pagazzano che accolse il Petrarca che proprio nelle sue sale compose i Trionfi. E ancora il settecentesco Palazzo Giovanelli a Morengo ora sede del Comune, Villa Colleoni a Cortenuova costruita nella seconda metà del Settecento, utilizzata per la mostra negli ampi spazi del giardino all’inglese, come a Palazzo Tirloni a Covo.

Spatium è un termine che racchiude in sé differenti accezioni, così come la mostra: rappresenta lo spazio reale, la superficie, l’estensione delle sale e dei luoghi che ospitano le opere, ma anche lo spazio interiore e fisico che i lavori degli artisti vanno ad occupare e infine lo spazio inteso come la distanza che separa le varie sedi e che il visitatore deve percorrere, mettendosi in dialogo lui stesso con contenitori e contenuti, con significante e significato, in un processo di scoperta di luoghi, persone e cose.

PAST _ 05.05.2018 > 23.09.2018

Contemporary Chaos


Oslo, Norway

curated by Demetrio Paparoni

opening 5.05.2018

The 16th edition of Vestfossen KunstLaboratorium, at approximately one hour train from Oslo, will be inaugurated on 5th May, at 1:30 p.m. Curated by Demetrio Paparoni, the international exposition ‘Contemporary Chaos’ will present over 60 artists. The show wants to emphasise the multiplying of artistic driving forces by focusing the attention on artists coming from all over the world, including areas which once were considered absolutely peripheral. The opening of new markets and the effects of the digital revolution have progressively brought about such an amount of information on art issues and events deemed important, while being often just ephemeral, to thwart every attempt of critical-theoretical grouping. The linguistic chaos deriving from the language superimposition is thus a phenomenon going beyond the overcoming of movements and trends recorded since the Eighties of the 20th century.



PAST _ 28.04.2018 > 15.07.2018

Biennale Disegno Rimini


Rimini, Italy

curated by Massimo Pulini

opening 28.04.2018


foto libro zauli

MCZ2018 /01

The MUSEO CARLO ZAULI  presents four new publishing projects including the book

Chiara Lecca | RETROTERRA | Museo Carlo Zauli

The book, limited and numbered edition, is published by MCZ and documents the passage to the Museum of Chiara Lecca, guest with two site-specific installations in July 2017.
Texts by Matteo Zauli, Chiara Lecca, Sabrina Samorì.

Info: www.museozauli.it

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